Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Things to Make: Skirt and Scraps into Child's Apron!

This year one of my girls' asked for an Easy-Bake Oven for her birthday!  I found a screamin' deal on a brand new one on Craig's List, and wanted to add something extra to make the gift a little more special!

I went through my fabric stash and pulled out a couple of things, and then had my daughter choose what she liked best!  (She had no idea what I was making with the fabric...which made it even more fun for me!)

She picked out an old orange handmade skirt.  The other supplies were from various other projects:  a ton of eyelet lace, grosgrain ribbon, and a scrap of fabric.

(First off, I should remind you that I am a LAZY seamstress...I cut corners and do things fast.... so be prepared.)

I started out by cutting the side seams of the skirt away.  I wanted the apron to be a double layer of fabric, for more durability,  so I used both sides of the skirt.

Next, I folded over the top edges of the skirt and ironed them flat.

I used another apron as a template and cut out the 'armhole' shapes.

Next I cut four lengths of ribbon for the neck and waist ties,

and then pinned them to the right side of the apron, and basted them into place.

Next, I pinned the other half of the skirt/apron to the first, with right sides facing, and stitched the two together, leaving the bottom edge open for turning.

After I turned the apron right-side-out (and removed the extra pins, of course), I pinned the eyelet to the bottom hem.  (I gathered the eyelet a little to make it ruffle.)  Then I top-stitched the two the pieces together.

Next I took my contrasting scrap of fabric, and cut out a pocket shape...I wanted this to be double thick, too, so I cut an extra long rectangle out, and folded it in half.

I folded down the top edge, ironed it flat, and then stitched a piece of eyelet to the back side of the finished edge.

Next I folded the pocket together with right sides facing and pinned/stitched it together, leaving the top open.  After turning the pocket right-side-out, and ironing it flat, I pinned it and top-stitched the top together just below the lace.

Next I pinned the pocket to the front of the apron, and top-stitched around the sides and bottom.


And here's the finished apron!!!

(I also made a matching hotpad, out of the rest of the scrap fabric...but forgot to take pictures of that process...Sorry!)

The very best part of this project was that I didn't spend a dime!!! (Well, ok.  Technically I'm sure I spent a little money on some of the supplies at some point...but if ,my memory serves me right, all the fabric was from the remnant rack about five years ago, the lace was a hand-me-down, and the ribbon was from the dollar store years ago!)

I love it when I can turn something old into something new and useful, don't you!?!

I'm loving spending time with my newest little kitchen helper!

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