Friday, May 27, 2011

What's New: More Matryoshkas!

One of the items I've created for the Scandinavian Festival Craft Fair I'm attending tomorrow, are some more cute little Matryoshka Dolls!

Although these little sweeties aren't exactly Scandinavian per se, they give that same folksy feel that I always get when I go to events like this!

Here are my latest little ladies!

Each one is hand stitched and embroidered from start to finish, with little flower motifs!

Black Babushka with Hot Pink Dress

Baby Blue Babushka
with Denim Blue Dress
Soft Pink Babushka
with Dark Pink Dress

Turquoise Babushka
with Sage Green Dress

Kelly Green Babushka
with Turquoise Dress
I love how each doll has it's own personality...Maybe I should give them each names?  Katerina, Anya, Natasha, Sonya, Anastasia?  What do you think?

I'll definitely be making more of these...they're so fun!  And I'll be getting a listing up in in my shop sometime soon!  I'm also trying to figure how to make these into a pattern so others can make them, too!!

Have a great weekend, Everyone!!

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