Thursday, May 12, 2011

4 Weeks Left!

My kids have been asking why I haven't posted the pictures hubby took of me on Mother's Day yet....

I'll be honest.  There's a reason I haven't posted pictures of myself for the last little while.

I'm huge.  

And even though I'm not really super self-concious about my pregnant size, actually seeing it in photos is another thing.  It just kinda confirms what I'm already feeling.

But...I'm so happy to be able to be having this baby.  And even though there are all sorts of crazy things that happen to you and your body during pregnancy...I'll take them.  The end result is sooooo worth it. 

And sometimes it's really nice to know that even though I feel huge and I waddle everywhere I go, my other children (and my hubby) still think I'm beautiful, and they love me...even though I can't reach my toes right now.


Here are the pictures of me on Mother's Day.  I'm wearing the cute necklace and earrings the kids' gave me (they match these awesome yellow sandal heels I have...but can't wear right now, because my feet are so swollen...oh, well later in the summer, right??), and I even did my hair 'pretty' that day!

I didn't get an actual 'profile-shot' I guess.  But you get the idea!

Thanks again to my wonderful family for a great Mother's Day...and for making Mother's Day so much more meaningful to me!

Only four more weeks to go until baby #5 joins us!!!

I just took a picture this morning of the 'side-view'...yeah, this is what I usually look like!  (Isn't it great to have a chance to dress up every once-in-a-while?)

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