Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Things to Make: Crochet Wrap Pattern

I've had a number of people ask me if I had a pattern for this wrap, so I thought I'd share! You can see my original post here.

Frist of all this style of wrap is basically just a big rectangle...so you could use any knit or crochet stitch pattern to get basically the same thing in different textures and patterns! I wanted mine to look light and airy, so I picked a fairly simple lacy pattern, and used a very large crochet hook.

Here's what I did:

****NOTE**** Distribution of this pattern for profit is prohibited!!! This pattern was written up in the book The Crochet Bible, by Sue Whiting, with some slight variations made by me. Do NOT resell this pattern or claim it as your own, under penalty of law!!!

Materials Needed:

1 skein Caron Simply Soft yarn, other medium worsted weight yarn
Size N crochet hook
Yarn needle

Alternating Shell and V-Stitch Pattern

Start with a multiple of 5 ch, plus 3 extra.

Foundation Row: 2 dc in 3rd ch from hook, * ch1, sk 4 ch**, 5 dc in next ch, rep from * to end, ending last rep at **, 3 dc in last ch, turn.

Row 1: Ch 1 (does NOT count as st), 1 sc in last dc, * ch 2, sk next 2 dc, (1 dc, ch 1, 1 dc) in next ch sp, ch 2, sk next 2 dc, 1 sc in next dc, rep from * to end working sc at end of last rep into top of ch 3 at beg of previous row, turn.

Row 2: Ch 3 (counts as first dc), 2 dc in sc at base of ch-3, * ch 1, skip (2 ch, 1 dc, 1 ch, 1 dc, and 2 ch)**, 5 dc in next sc, rep from * to end, ending last rep at **, 3 dc in last sc, turn.

Repeat these two rows until wrap measure desired size.

To make my wrap I made the foundation row about 28 inches across. I worked the pattern rows until my wrap measured about 20 inches wide.

To finish of after a 2nd pattern row:

Finishing Row: Ch 1 (does NOT count at st), 1 sc in last dc, * ch 2, sk 2 dc, 1 dc in next ch sp, ch 2, sk next dc, rep from * to end, working sc at end of last rep in top of ch-3 sp at beg of previous row.

After I finished the edge I then folded the wrap in half, and sewed the shoulder together from the edge to about 5 inches in. Then I finished off and wove in any remaining ends.


Sometime in a couple of weeks I'll share my pattern for the rosette clip that I've used to dress my wrap up a bit! Happy Tuesday!

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Things to Make: Cherry-O Cream Pie!

This is family President's Day tradition (in honor of George Washington, and the infamous Cherry tree) is a lovely Cherry-O Cream pie dessert after dinner! My hubby's mom used to make it for their family when he was growing up...and I love being able to carry on the tradition! It's the yummiest no-bake cheesecake dessert ever - HONEST!

Here's the recipe:

Cherry-O Cream Pie

1 14oz can of Sweetened Condensed Milk
1 8oz package of Cream Cheese
1/3 c lemon juice
1 tsp vanilla
1 graham cracker crust
1 16 oz can of Cherry pie filling

1. Whip sweet con. milk, softened cream cheese, lemon juice, and vanilla, until smooth.
2. Pour into graham cracker crust.
3. Spread Cherry pie filling on top.
4. Chill for at least 3-4 hours, on a lower shelf in your fridge.
5. Consume rapidly, and fall into a deep sugar coma 15 minutes later! YUM!!!

(P.S. Mine never last long enough to have a beautiful picture like the one above taken of them...this one's from recipezaar! Image Source.)

I'm also linking to Mom's Crazy Cooking this week, where the theme is CHERRIES!

**And I've been included in Saturday Mornings Best of February Round 4 finalists!!

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Great Idea: Boredom Busters!

Happy Friday, everyone!

This week I'm focusing on activities to keep kids occupied...especially on long three-day weekends, when you aren't 'going anywhere fun,' and your kids are stir crazy from being kept inside all day, because the weather is horrible...oh...is that just my family?


I've come across several sites that have some great boredom busting ideas, that keep kids from being whiny...and also don't wear mom out! Perfect!!

Here are some of my faves!

Jessica Wilson, of Scrumdilly-do! has tons of great ideas on her site! This one really stuck out to me this time! Simple and fun crayon rubbings from everyday objects. Neat-O! Click here to see the how-to!

Next up is Amber Lee, of Giver's Log, with a great How-to on getting and keeping kids' craft supplies organized! Plus it's an activity all on it's own!!! She also has tons of other fun activities, recipes and ideas on her site! Click here to see all about these fun boxes!

Here's Heidi, from FrugalGirls.com, with the classic, but always awesome, homemade play-doh recipe! Kids love this stuff...it never gets old! Click here to see her recipe and tips!

Last, but not least, is Valerie, from Toddler Boredom Busters (Yes...she has a blog devoted to just this! Awesome!), with a really fun stick puppet show for kids to make...This type of activity equals HOURS of entertainment at my house! Click here for all the details!

Well, I hope you all enjoy your Presidents' Day weekend! We'll be home...but at least we won't be bored! Have a great day!

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What's New: Crocheted Spring Wrap

I have Spring Fever.

Alas...the ground here is still covered in a layer of snow-turned-ice that is seemingly NEVER going to recede!

So here's my latest creation: a cute lacy crocheted wrap in a lovely Spring green color to help me think happy Springtime thoughts!

I used a skein of Caron's Simply Soft yarn in Sage Green to make this little number....It's so soft and comfy, yet looks elegant, too! It look great with my cotton top and jeans, but would also look cute over a new Easter dress!

I really like the way this turned out! This was another one of my 'made-up' creations! I found a lacy crochet motif and just crocheted until I thought it looked right! I got the motif pattern out of a great book I have called The Crochet Bible. It has tons of great little patterns and stitches in it, and I love experimenting with them!

The little rosette is mounted on a ribbon-covered clip, so it's removable, but I think it looks sweet.

Pictures are getting to be a little more difficult as my little baby bump is becoming more and more noticeable! Don't know what I'll do in a couple of months!!!

To see my listing for this wrap, please click here!

What are you doing to keep Spring Fever at bay?

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Things to Make: Repurposed Hanging Burlap Earring Display

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am an earring fanatic. Ever since I had my ears pierced in when I was twelve, I've been obsessed. Especially with big dangly earrings! I LOVE them!!

The only problem with big dangly earrings is storing them...they get all tangled up in a regular jewelry box, they don't lie flat, you can't find the matching earring for the set...etc. (Well at least that what happens, to me!)

I've been searching for a way to organize them and hang them so they would be easy to get to and stay organized, but also something that I could have in an out-of-the-way place so that my curious (ie destructive) almost three-year-old can't get to it! I've seen table-top displays, racks, and other things, but none of them really met my specific needs.

Then a couple of weeks ago I saw the cutest little earring frame made from a repurposed frame with a burlap backing, and KNEW this was the way to go! (I feel like a complete schmuck, 'cause I can't remember whose blog I saw it on...I searched everywhere, but I don't know who made it! So if you know who are THANK YOU for the fantastic idea!!) This is what I came up with:

Cute, huh?

Today I'm giving a quick how-to on how to make your own dangly earring display out of a cheap frame, burlap, twine, and ribbon! (The best part of this little project was that I didn't buy a single thing! I used things that I had had in my stash of stuff for years..I love that! Totally a Nike, from Choose to Thrive, thing to do! I'm rockin' what I got! Woot!)

Here's what I used:

A dollar store frame from a mirror that got broken
A piece of old burlap
black craft paint
a scrap of sandpaper
paint brush
ribbon scrap
hot glue & hot glue gun

First I took the backing off of my frame.

Next I sanded the surface a little...Then covered it in a layer of paint. (I didn't want to paint it a completely solid color, so I went with craft paint instead of spray paint.) Then I wiped some of the paint off with a paper towel so it looked grungy.

Then I laid the frame backing on top of the burlap and roughly measured and cut the burlap. To attach it to the frame, I glued the burlap into the back of the frame...pulling it tight as I went.

I distressed the burlap a little with a dry brush (some of the black paint was still in the brush...not much...so I just lightly brushed the surface with that.)

To make the display hangable (is that a word?) I added a twine to the back with hot glue, and covered the ends with a small scrap of burlap to make it sturdier.

On the front I decided to make it pretty by adding some embellishments on a couple of the corners. I cut a narrow strip of burlap, folded it in half lengthwise and then (not so carefully) twisted and glued it, until it resembled a little rosette. (You can find a really good tutorial for shabby burlap rosettes over at Brown Paper Packages.)

Next I hot glued a couple pieces of twine to the corner, layered a ribbon bow on top, and then added my rosette.

And Voila! My finished earring display!!

And here it is holding all of my fishhook-style earrings!! I LOVE the way it turned out!! It's perfect for keeping everything organized...plus it looks so pretty that it doesn't feel utilitarian at all...it's almost like art!!!!

This was super simple to put together...I think it took me about 20 minutes total. No joke. Plus it was FREE! Can't beat that!!

Happy crafting!

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Things to Make: Felt Valentine's Envelopes

Happy Valentine's Day!

Last week at my Relief Society (church) Activity, we made and did some fun things to show our loved ones how much we love them! It was a great meeting, and we there were so many great suggestions for being more loving in our families. One of the porjects we made were these cute felt Valentine envelopes!

I know it may be a little late, but decided that I'd do a quick little how-to on how to make some for your kids! (These would also make great Teacher or Grandparent gifts or to tuck something special for your sweetheart in!)

Materials Needed:

1 sheet of felt, in desired color
1 sheet of felt in a coordinating color
ribbon, ric rac, lace or other trimmings
buttons, felt heart, etc,
puffy fabric paint (optional)
hot glue, and hot glue gun

First, fold your main color piece of felt in half, and cut it. Then cut a rounded notch out of ONE of the pieces...this will be the 'pocket' for the envelope.

Next cut your coordinating piece of felt into a triangle shape, big enough to cover the opening of the pocket.

At this point you can either glue the two pieces together, like I've done, OR if you want to add lace or something that sticks out, glue that on first, then glue down the top layer of felt.

If you decide to just do embellishing on the top of the envelope, glue down your ribbon or other trim onto the top around the edges of the felt. (I also melted the ends of my ribbon, so they wouldn't fray. You can easily do this with a lighter...just don't burn your fingers!)

For a handle glue a length of ribbon down on either side of the top opening of the envelope

After your ribbon or trim is adhered, start on the envelope flap. Add trim and something to embellish the point...I've used a little felt heart.

Glue a piece of velcro to the underside of the flap, and also to the envelope base. I used self-adhesive velcro, but still glued it down for added durability.

Next glue the flap onto the top edge of the envelope, covering up the handle ends of you've added them.

And here's the finished envelope! So cute!

Here's one I made with lace sticking out of the edge. I glued the lace down first, and then added the top layer of felt.

As you can see there's an endless amount of possibilities!!

I forgot to take a pic of the envelopes with my kids' names on them, but I just wrote their names on the flaps with puffy fabric paint...they turned out so cute! I'm putting little love notes and treats into the envelopes, and then I'm going to be hanging them on the kids' bedroom doors, so that when the older kids' get home from school they'll have a sweet surprise waiting for them!

(My little girls have been carrying them around the house this morning like little purses!! They would make a such cute favors for a girls' birthday party!)

Have a very Happy Valentine's Day!!

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