Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What's New: Blue and Green Tabby Sock Kitty

Ok...I admit it...I LOVE these little guys! I've made a bunch of little recycled sock and glove creatures....and they are so cute and squishy and loveable! My children LOVE them...every time I've made one they ask if it's for them! (Don't worry they each have a few of their own - I'm not depriving them!) They make great baby or birthday gifts, and this little fellow is sure to make somebody's day!

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What's New: Cuddly Fuzzy Baby Bear Hat

My sweet baby Maddie is modeling this cute, fuzzy bear hat. I've had this great yarn for a while now, but the thing that kept running through my mind when I saw it was "that looks like mangy fur." This yarn is so soft, and has great variations in colors and thickness, but mangy fur was NOT what I wanted to portray! I think this little bear hat is the perfect blend of 'fur' and 'cuddly-soft' - without the mange!

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