Friday, March 25, 2011

Feature Friday: Happy Colors!


Right now, as I'm typing this, there is snow falling outside my house.  Snow.


I'm trying not to be a complainer.  Here where we live water gets scarce during the summer months, and we need the water runoff produced by the snow to help sustain our reserves during that time.  I'm trying to think of this as Mother Nature's way of helping us keep our garden watered later this year.

But seriously.  I'm soooo over Winter, right now!

Anyway, to help cheer myself up I'm featuring some fun finds, with a punch of sunshiney goodness!

Flowers and Little Bee Print by TwoEms

Fabric Leaves Tree by Two Girls Being Crafty

Egg Carton Spring Wreath by Krafty Kat

Nuthatch Granny Pattern by eggbird designs

Burlap and Fabric Spring Wreath by Nat Sprat

From the Prairie Notecards by The Wheatfield

Crochet Easter Egg Pattern by Easy Makes Me Happy

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Have a Happy Weekend!!!

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