Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Things to Make: Glove Bunny Tutorial

Happy Tuesday!!

For today's tutorial I thought I'd share this super cute and simple idea for making soft little Easter bunnies out of a glove!!!

That's right!  This cute little fellow was created using a knit glove!  I got these super-marked down at the dollar store...I think they were twenty-five cents, or something!  Are you convinced you need to make a basketful of these, yet?

Materials Needed:
1 knit glove, in color of choice  ( I used this soft minky-type glove)
matching thread
pink embroidery floss
2 buttons for eyes
batting or stuffing

The first step  is to turn the glove inside out:

Next, carefully cut off the thumb, pinky, and middle fingers of the glove...save the scraps for later!

The next part can be done on a sewing machine, but I like to hand sew these little guys!  It's fun, and it's a great way to teach kids how to sew things by hand!  (If I were making these with kids I wouldn't use the fluffy kind of glove, though...it's a little harder to see where you've stitched!)  LEAVE THE BOTTOM OPEN!

After you sew the thumb, pinky, and middle finger openings shut, turn the glove right-side out.  (This is the best way to check and make sure you didn't miss any seams!!

The next step is the trickiest:  Sewing on the face!  Using the embroidery floss sew on the button eyes, and stitch a little nose.  Be careful that you are only sewing through the front part of the glove!

Cut off about an inch of the tip of one of the leftover fingers, and stuff it with a little fluff!

After the face has been stitched on, you can start stuffing!!  Stuff the ears, head, and body...I use the leftover scraps from the fingers to stuff the very bottom of the bunny.

After the bunny is stuffed to your liking, stitch the bottom opening edge closed.  I used a blanket stitch.

The last part is adding the tail!  Turn the cut edge of the save finger piece under, and whip stitch it to the bottom/back side of the bunny.  The little tail will help to prop your bunny upright!

And there you have it!!

I also added a pink ribbon around this little guy's neck, but that is totally optional!!

These would make super cute additions to any Easter basket, or as a quick little add-on to a baby gift!

Have fun creating a little bunny farm of your own!!

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