Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Great Idea: Build a Better Blog #4 - Extra, Extra!!

This is my final week of Build a Better Blog!  I've had a lot of fun putting these ideas together...and I hope the tips I've offered have been helpful!!

This week I'm focusing on the extra stuff you can put on your blog:  button, badges, banners, and other fun extras!

First off, I just want to tell you right now that I am NOT an expert...but I know where to find them!!  I've borrowed the following link to some of my favorite resources for all things technical!  So I'm cheating on this one and just giving you all some of the tools I've discovered for doing things yourself!!  (A huge thanks goes out to all those who have written these fantastic tutorials!!!)


Here are some tutorials on how to make your blog button and badges...and how to get the code to share them with others!!

Blogging With Amy has THIS fantastic walkthrough on making blog buttons, and getting the code onto your blog!

Musings of a Housewife has THIS one, with some suggestions on how to make it readable and fun!

Welcome to Linneyville has THIS tutorial for on how to make your button *cute*!


Here are some links to tutorials that are all about making your blog banner fun and cute:

Blissfully Domestic has THIS one on using Picasa to make a fantastic photo banner!

Songbird Nesting has some great tips in THIS one about the feel and overall look of your blog banner...and how to install it in Blogger!

And All About Us has the nitty gritty how-to with on THIS one!


Kevin and Amanda have THIS great tutorial on how to add a cute font to your blog post and sidebar titles!

Makin' Cute Blogs has THIS one on adding images to sidebar titles!


The Blog Guidebook has TONS of great tutorials and resources available for bloggers who are looking to spice up their blogs!  Seriously...if I haven't linked to anything you've found helpful yet...check THIS one out for sure!!

Soooooo....I hope you find some great info and tips here!!  Thanks for joining me for my Build a Better Blog series!!  I hope you all have a great time beautifying you blogs!!!

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