Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Things to Make: Sarah London's Wool-Eater Crochet Along!

If you crochet, you are probably familiar with Sarah London.  She has written some fantastic crochet patterns and books...and her use of color is FANTASTIC!  I love looking at all of her awesome pics on Pinterest!

I'm a little late coming to the Wool-Eater Crochet Along...I didn't know if I'd be able to keep up...but, I decided that even if I fell behind I'd like to make one of these amazing creations!

So...here's my progress on my very own Wool-Eater Blanket!  (I was technically four weeks late for the start of the CAL, but Sarah's said to work at your own pace...so I'm not stressing about 'catching up!)  I opted to try her new Oblong Wool-Eater pattern...

So far I LOVE the pattern...it's a bit tricky at first, but once you get going it's really pretty easy to follow!  The instructions are written in Australian/UK terms, though...so watch for that!  ;)

My blanket is measuring about 18" wide by 35" long, and I've completed 8 rows so far!  I'm using up some odd balls of yarn that i have in sort of neutral earth tones...and a hint of teal.

I love the texture and feel of the afghan...it's nice and thick...but not too bulky.

Wanna make one of your own?
CLICK HERE to go to the info page on Sarah's site!
And you can check out what others are making on the Wool-Eater Flickr Group!