Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Hope you all had a fun and festive Halloween yesterday!  Hope no one is suffering too bad from a sugar coma...

This isn't really a how-to post, per se, but since I haven't had anytime to make anything new except for Halloween costumes I thought I'd share those with y'all!  (Warning: I have the cutest family in the world.  Don't be offended...but they really are.  I'm just giving you fair warning.)

First up is my hubby.  He teaches 5th grade.  He wanted to be something tough for Halloween.  He picked Wolverine.  But there was no way I was gonna make him a yellow spandex super-hero outfit...sorry, hon.
Here he is stealing a baby pumpkin...the brute!
He settled for a stream-lined trimming of his chops and beard, a white t-shirt with a flannel shirt over top and jeans.  He's pre-X-Men Wolverine/Logan.
But he also kinda looks like an over-worked dad who didn't get enough sleep...
Yeah.  My hubby is the best dad ever.
Next up is my oldest.  She's cute.  She's 10.  She's also a little odd.  She came in a couple weeks ago and announced that she knew what she wanted to be for Halloween:  Ludwig von Beethoven.  Yup.  My kid is awesome.

Here she is...
She really wanted to make sure she got his 'scary eyebrows' down.  I think she hit it on the head.
Next is my son, who is 8.  He wanted to be Aang, from Avatar: the Last Airbender.  He begged us to shave his head...so we got pretty close.  His costume was made from a thrift store bathrobe, and an old orange shirt of my hubby's.
His staff is a wrapping paper tube, wrapped with a piece of the t-shirt.  The funnest part of this costume was taping an arrow on his head an spraying it blue with colored hairspray!
Here's my next daughter...she's 5.  She wanted to be Toph Bei Fong, also a character from Avatar: the Last Airbender.  Her costume was also made from refashioned thrift store finds, elastic, and one of my shirts.
I crocheted her 'wig' and added bangs and a pom-pom embellished headband...she's so cute!
Here are the benders together:
Next up is my 3-year-old.  She's a doll.  And a bit dramatic.  And she wanted to be Rapunzel.  Of course! Her costume was a thrift store find that had seen better days...I made new sleeves and fixed the hem, and then made her a long yarn wig on a crocheted cap.
You should hear this kid sing "Flower Gleam and Glow..."  It's classic.
Here's my littlest squish.  She was a little bear.  Can you stand the cuteness?  I thought not.
I know it's a bit of a cop out to use a *gasp*completely store-made costume...but guess what?  I'm completely ok with that this year!  Besides...she's so. dang. cute.  She doesn't even really need a costume!
Lastly, here's me.  I was a gypsy (so baby could be my dancing bear, of course!)
My costume was just bits and pieces of clothes I already had...I bet you're jealous of that skirt, right?

And here's the gang all together!

Hope you all had a fantastic Halloween!!!