Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Things to Make: Refashioned Skirt to Dress Tutorial

I have this skirt.  It is made of the prettiest multi-colored cotton batik fabric.  It's loose and flowy.  I got it for $2 at a local clothing consignment shop.  And it's FRUMPY.

No really.

F. R. U. M. P. Y.


Me.  Frumpy.  And just out of the shower...with no make-up on.  The ultimate before picture.

Sad, huh?

If there's anything a new mommy DOESN'T need it's to feel frumpy.  I mean I already feel frumpy enough...but add this skirt to the mix on a day when I'm supposed to be getting dressed up and looking cute?  Ugh.


Someone told they saw a thing on TV where someone took a big flowy skirt and turned it into a cute dress instead.  Of course I wanted to give it a try!

Here's what I did:

Materials Needed:

Big, flowy, long drawstring skirt
Sewing machine and thread

First I draped the skirt around my shoulders and tightened the drawstring to a comfortable neckline length.

Then I marked where I thought a good sleeve length would be...and I cut the skirt.

Next I put on the skirt/dress on and slipped my arms in the armholes.

I put it on inside out, and then I used safety pins and pinned the dress where I thought it should be taken in.

I sewed along the pins.

Then cut the excess fabric away.

I pinned the first side to the opposite side as a template; sewed and cut away the excess fabric.

I decided not to hem around the arms...I kinda like the frayed look of the fabric...so I just sewed round the armholes a couple of times, so the fraying wouldn't get out of hand!

I added a belt,  put on my make-up and and did my hair...

And voilá!


A cute NON-FRUMPY dress made out of awesome multi-colored fabric...that I can still nurse in, thanks to the drawstring neckline!!  Plus it only took 10 minutes and cost $2!  Can't beat that!


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