Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pinterest Inspiration: Pipe Cleaner Fairies

I wanted to try out one of the projects I have pinned in my Things for Kids pinboard, this week!  My oldest daughter has been sewing tiny little fairy clothes, books, and bedding since the last week of summer vacation!  I thought this would be a perfect activity for the two of us...and of course the other kids wanted to join in the fun, too!


this week is:

Bendy Dolls by The Enchanted Tree

And here's what my kids and I made!

 The heads of the first fairies we made were a bit big...I only had jumbo wooden beads on hand - which was just fine for my younger kids!  (Even my son wanted to make one!  His is the red-head with the scars on his forehead...what a boy!)

We decorated them with tiny felt outfits, fake flower petals, and rhinestones ... cuteness!!

After we made the first group my oldest daughter and I went to the store and got some smaller beads...I only have one of the tiny fairies in the pics, but these ones' heads were were much more proportionate!

I had to man the hot glue gun for the kids, but they had fun wrapping their fairies bodies, making clothes and helping pick out hair colors! 

We'll definitely be doing this activity again!

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