Monday, January 10, 2011


I've been really thinking hard about what I want to accomplish this year. I have some really good things I've been starting with my business as well as some personal goals. It's funny how the start of a new year makes you want to start something new - to be something better.

What I've discovered about myself is that it's so easy to overdo it with goals! There's so much I want to do and accomplish. I get so overwhelmed by what I think I 'need' to do, that I sometimes miss the mark, and end up in worse place than I was!

This year, my biggest resolution is to do what matters most for myself and my family...and not to sweat the small (or big) stuff that comes roll with the punches and be more adaptable.

Early this month, I discovered that I have Reactionary Hypoglycemia (which basically means that my body makes too much insulin, so I don't have enough blood-sugar to keep myself functioning normally). I've probably been dealing with it for a long, long time, but I had never been officially tested and diagnosed. With my pregnancy everything has been magnified and compounded. The good news is that now I know what's wrong, and I can do something about it! I've already changed some things about my eating reminding myself that I have to eat every two hours...and trying to cut out some of the foods that make symptoms worse (like white bread and refined sugar). I can already feel a difference! Yay!

Because I'm starting to feel better I'm also starting to get back into a regular exercise routine...nothing drastic...just trying to walk at least a mile everyday. Pregnancy takes a real toll on my body...and I've found that if I can stay physically active it really helps with recovery and my mood. So far I've been doing pretty well at staying on top of these two 'health' goals!

In addition to my physical goals, I've also resolved to be a better mommy - to be more aware of my kids' needs, and to have more fun with them...instead of always feeling like I'm having to be the rule enforcer! I want them to have a clean, creative place to come home to...somewhere they feel at peace - so we've made some family goals to help each other out with that, too! It's really been making a difference in the amount of 'refereeing' I'm having to do. They're definitely more chill and helpful, too!

I've also been trying to be a better poor hubby has really been a champ these last few months! I was in a really bad state...and he's been so good to work me through it, and help with the other 'mom' jobs I usually do! I really want to show him how much I truly appreciate him, and love him.

I've also been making and working on some goals for my business, too! I really want to be able to have things in a good place when I have this next baby, so I'm not overwhelmed and worried about that aspect of my I can concentrate on more important stuff - like my family and new baby - but still continue to be successful with my creative pursuits! I've been streamlining a lot of my work habits: I have a tendency to try to do too many things at once (I'm sure none of you can, so I'm working on organizing my schedule I can still be a mom, but have the time I need to take care of business! So far it's been great!

So that's what I'm resolving this year...and that's huge goals, just trying to live life a little better, and be who I really want to be!

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