Friday, January 28, 2011

Feature Friday: Wee Waldorf

This week I'm featuring a new Etsy friend: Luz of Wee Waldorf!

Not only does she have a fantastic little shop on Etsy, where she sells lovely Waldorf inspired items and toys, but she also has a fantastic blog, where she shares some really wonderful tutorials on how to make beautiful natural toys, jewelry home decor items and more! Click here to see her fabulous blog!

Wee Skittles Play Set

Matryoshka Match I Game

Here's a little bit about her, taken from her profile:

"Wee Waldorf started when I fell in love with waldorf/natural living and had a deep desire to rid my girls' room of commercial plastic toys.

I have since been inspired by the magic of forests, gnomes, fairy tales and anything whimsical.

I'm kept busy with my 4 wee fairies while my husband is busy studying Art Education at the local university (BYU, for all those that know where Happy Valley is). We love to be outdoors and are vegetarian. Music is a love in our lives as well as animals, and natural living. We enjoy experiencing different cultures/ traditions and are loving Waldorf traditions as well."

Go check out her beautiful shop and blog...I KNOW you'll love what you discover!!!

wee waldorf

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