Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Things to Make: Glass Cake Plate

Ok...so this idea is NOT original to me...

The first time i saw this done was, when I had my wares at the cutest craft boutique, called Patina Market. Nichole, the proprietress made these fantastic cake plates from old candlestick holders and dinner plates! They were gorgeous! So...I recently decided to try my hand at making one of my own!

I picked up the candlestick holder from our recent yard sale endeavor. (It was my sisters...and I totally stole it off the table...so no one else could have it...tee-hee...)

I got the plate from a local thrift store for $1...I know. I rock.

The total cost of this project was: $1 - I'm sure the glue cost about $5..but I've literally had it for over a year now...so I don't think that counts.

You can use a variety of different things to make this, or similar, projects. Here is a fun example that my sister-in-law just did recently - so cute!

For mine I used the following ingredients:

Amazing Goop Glue (You can also use E6000)
A large glass serving plate
A large glass candlestick holder

Here's the process:

I lightly sanded the top of the candle stick holder, and the bottom middle of the plate.

I applied a fair amount of goop to both surfaces. (Confession: I smoothed it out with my finger after I squished it out of the tube...not recommended unless you have gloves on.)

I let the goop sit for about 10 minutes, as directed on the label, to allow the glue to begin to cure.

When the goop had been sitting there for a bit, I put the two pieces together.

(Confession #2: After it had been sitting for a few hours I went back and wiped off the still jelly-like glue that had squished through the grooves in the plate. It took me a couple of tries. It had the consistency of dried rubber cement.)

Then came the hardest part: waiting for it to dry! I let it sit overnight (about 22 hours)...and here is the finished result!

It looks amazing! I love it!

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