Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Things to Make: 2x4 Pumpkin Blocks

Today's How-To is a little short...we've had a bit of a family crisis, so this one is a quickie!

For this project I took scrap wood, leftover from our fence-building project, and turned it into cute little pumpkins! I've seen a lot of variations on this idea recently, and it's so fun to see how other people come up with such different and cute ideas!

Sorry...I forgot to take 'process' pictures...but I think you'll get the idea....

For these little guys I simple painted them orange, allowed the paint to dry, and then sanded the edges.

After that I sprayed them with spray on stain...one of my favorite touch-up products...and wiped the excess off.

After I allowed them to dry for a while I simply tied a wide piece of green grosgrain ribbon into knots, cut them apart, and hot-glued them onto the tops of my 'pumpkins.'

Easy as Pumpkin Pie (which, by the way, is NOT that easy! These are waaaaaaaaay easier that that!)

I think they turned out really cute! If you're looking for a really easy, fast, and cheap decorating idea for the fall...this is it! The best part is that this project cost me NOTHING!

(Well...obviously I purchased the wood, paint, stain, sandpaper, ribbon, and hot glue at some point, but I used things I already had on hand...so it was kinda like free!)

Anyway....... I came across a really fun craft blog called Lorajean's Magazine, where she's posting tons of links to FREE Halloween decorating and craft ideas! I was so thrilled to find it!! Check it out, by clicking the linky button below to see some really great FREE Halloween tutorials and crafts!!! Fantastic!

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