Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Things to Make: Pom-Pom Packaging with Persia Lou

I'm so excited to introduce you to my Guest Blogger this week!  Her name is Alexis from Persia Lou! 

She has a fantastic blog where she features really fun and creative projects and ideas!!  LOVE IT!  She's generously sharing this super fun idea for gift wrap ideas using pretty pom-poms!!   I mean... how seriously cute are these?!?!

Hey there! I'm Alexis from Persia Lou, and I am so excited to be guest posting here at Sarahndipities today! 

Last Christmas, when I began to run low on ribbon, I came up with a fun way to top packages that also uses up some of my yarn stash: pom-poms!

A big pom-pom on top of a gift is fun and a bit unexpected. It adds height and a big shot of color. 

There are many, many different ways to add pom-poms to your packages, but here are a few of my ideas. When attaching one or more pom-poms to a wrapped package, you can simply wrap the yarn around the gift a few times and tie the pom-pom on. Another option is to use a crochet hook to chain a "ribbon" for your gift. (Sarah has some good info on how to make a crochet chain here.)

There are so many great ways to use pom-poms. Don't limit yourself to boxes!

I don't know about you, but I usually keep gift bags I have received and I have TONS stored up. To make a gift bag more unique, you can pull out the original handles and tie it closed with a big pom-pom.

You can also add pom-poms to the end of crochet chain, so the tails of your bow will have little pom-pom punctuation marks.

To add pom-poms to the end of a crochet chain, thread one of the ends of the tails used to tie the pom-pom into a yarn needle. Use the needle to pull the tail through the end of the chain, and then tie the pom-pom to the chain using a double knot.

So. Now you want to make some pom-poms, right? Well, you could buy a pom-pom maker. Or, you could use this technique that only requires yarn, scissors, and your fingers.
  1. Wrap the yarn around four fingers. I find that it helps to start with your fingers a bit spread apart.
  2. Keep wrapping the yarn. The more you wrap the fuller and bigger your pom-pom will be.
  3. Take a piece of yarn about 10-12 inches long. Push one end of the yarn through your middle and ring finger and wrap around the loops of yarn.
  4. Tie a double knot as tight as you can. 
  5. Cut through the loops. Do not cut the longer strings used to tie the pom-pom in step 3. These strings will be used to attach your pom-pom to whatever project you are working on.
  6. Your pom-pom will probably be a bit wild and uneven at this point.
  7. Give your buddy a little trim. The more you trim off, the tighter your pom-pom will be.
  8. Admire your work!
So, how will you use your pom-poms?


 Enjoy making these, everyone!  Super special thanks-again-so much, to you Alexis!  Be sure to send some blog love her way...she totally deserves it!

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