Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What's New: Crocheted Caplet

This week I tried my hand at creating a caplet! It's sorta like a shawl, but not quite as lacy, and doesn't necessarily make me think of little old ladies.

(Not that there's anything wrong with little old ladies! I know and love many little old ladies! They are some of my very favorite people ever! I just don't want to look like one yet...especially since I'm 22 weeks pregnant. Just sayin'.)


Here's my creation:

It's really cozy without being bulky like a sweater, and it's easy to wear in different ways! It's got kind of a vintage look to it, which I love!

Here I'm wearing it paired with one of my Button Blossoms in Tangerine. Doesn't the color just make you happy?!?

The caplet hooks together with a simple cream colored button, and it can be worn with or without the flower pin. It's a great addition to a winter wardrobe, and would look cute worn over a cute Spring dress, too!

I'm hoping to get my act together enough to actually write down my pattern...since I sorta made it up as I was working...but I think it would be great in other colors, too!

Click here to see the listing for my latest creation! Go take a peek!

Happy Wednesday!

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