Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Things to Make: Easy Peasy Topiaries

Earlier this summer I found three of these fantastic green styrofoam topiaries at a yard sale. They were about 2 feet tall, and had some bedraggled greenery and berries poking out of them, but they were each only marked with a $1 sticker...which would have been a great deal, since at the craft store these babies can cost up to $14.99 each! (I know...I looked.)

When I took my finds to be purchased, however, they gave me all three for just $1! I know...a steal! Unfortunately, I don't have any BEFORE pictures.... Sorry! But you can still get the idea of the process I used to transform them!

So....here's what I did:

I took a can of spray adhesive (my favorite is 3M, pictured below), and sprayed the top ball all over. Make sure that when you do this you use gloves...or that you don't care of you get sticky! This stuff is impossible to get off of your skin right away, unless you have Fast Orange Hand Cleaner!

I held the topiary over a tray, and then took a bag of decorative moss (which I had purchased from the dollar store...I know...I rock), and dumped it over the ball. After I shook it off a little, I smooshed the moss down onto the adhesive so that it wouldn't look so 'hairy'.

I then repeated the process with each of the other surfaces, including the top of the base. Here's what it looks like!

After I allowed them to dry overnight (You wouldn't want them to stick permanently to anything valuable!), I put them in these wonderful vintage ceramic pots! (Um...sorry...you probably won't be able to find anything this awesome to put your own topiaries into...unless you find a killer deal at a yard sale! Happy hunting!)

I've had these beautiful pots for several years now. They are so pretty! The colors and glazing are amazing! They were my husband's grandmother's, and I got them after she passed away... which just adds to their charm, for me! I know absolutely nothing about them...except that I LOVE them!

The finished project!

I've always been sad that I didn't have a way (or a place) to show off my pretty pots...but now that I've made these fun topiaries and we live in a charming victorian home, and I have this gorgeous mantelplace to put them on! (Too bad the lighting in the parlor isn't the greatest! It really looks amazing in real life!)

This project was SUPER EASY! These only cost me $2 to make, and only took about 30 minutes! The hardest part was waiting for the adhesive to dry thoroughly! I highly recommend giving it a try!

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