Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Things to Make: A Square A Day In May ~ Block 8 ~ Wandith

Here's my next square for the the Square A Day event, happening at Hooked on Handmade!

This square is called Wandith, and the pattern can be found HERE, if you are a Ravelry member!  

I have to admit that this is NOT actually the eighth square for the month!  I cheated and used this square instead of the one that everyone else was doing, because I felt like this one suited my finished piece better.  The ACTUAL square is called On the Huh, and can be found here!



Bethany said...

You do such neat pretty work! I am loving all these blocks :)

Romi-damelalata- said...

Hi Sarah! I have been sooo nice! Congratulations! ^.^
is precious

Mary said...

I really like this square!I can't wait to see your blanket at the end. I think the white is so petty.
I am skipping the On the Huh square too. It isn't very pretty to me.

Have a great Tuesday :)

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