Friday, May 20, 2011

Great Idea: Sailboat Onesie and Cap

First off I jsu need to say THANK YOU!!!! to all of my lovely followers!!  I've reached over 400 followers on my blog now...thanks to all of you!!  MWAH!!!

After Baby arrives in June, I'll be having another stay tuned!!


This week (and for the next couple of weeks!) I'm going to be featuring items I've made...but haven't blogged about yet...on Fridays!

This week I'm featuring a cute little embellished onesie and cap that I made for my sweet cousin, not too long ago!

I made this for a shower gift for my cousin, who just had her baby - a boy - just last week!  This is her first baby, and I wanted to make something fun and useful...and without spending anything!  I'm on a "use-up-all-the-stuff-that's-mucking-up-the-craft-room-before-you-even-think-about-getting-anything-else" kick lately.  I'm loving what I've been creating!!

I decided to try my hand at an applique (there are soooooooo many super cute embellished onesies out there right now!)...but I sorta wimped out, and ended up using felt instead of "real" fabric.  (Any of you who have done this...share your tips!)

I found a onesie from my craft stash, some small scraps of felt, my hot glue gun, embroidery floss, and some baby yarn, and got to work!  (Yup.  I keep weird things like brand-new onesies in my craft stash.  Doesn't everyone?)

I cute out the shapes for my little boat and waves, and held them in place n the shirt with a tiny dab of glue.  Then I just embroidered/stitched around the edges of with embroidery floss!

I think it turned out really cute!

To go with the onesie I crocheted a teeny little brimmed beanie out of baby blue yarn!

This was a fun project...and I think I'll give it another try sometime!

Hope you have a great weekend!!


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