Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Things to Make: A Square A Day In May ~ Block 3 ~ Maggie's Square

Here's my next square for the the Square A Day event, happening at Hooked on Handmade!

This square is called Maggie's Square, and the pattern can be found HERE, if you are a Ravelry member!  

This one has such a fun texture...and was really easy, too!  If you haven't caught on yet, I'm doing all of my squares with a scrap of color in the center...and the rest in white (since I happen to have a TON of it!!!)

I'm really liking the way they are coming out!



Amy @ frillsandbils.blogspot.com said...

That is so cute! I know you are probably doing different colors, but this one reminds me of the many Japan relief effort items going around. Can't wait to see the rest:)

Ghost said...

The texture really shows up nicely on your colors.

Melissa said...

i think the white makes the center really pop! can't wait to see all your other squares!

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