Friday, November 4, 2011

Feature Friday: About Me ~ A to Z!

I've seen this little survey going around the blogiverse, and thought I'd share a little about me, too!!

A.  Age:  32
B.  Best Friend:  My Hubby...and my sisters!
C.  Chore That You Hate: Dishes...ugh.
D.  Dogs:  none
E.  Essential Start To Your Day:  Prayer
F.  Favorite Color:  Purple...any shade, but most of all vibrant deep tones!
G.  Gold or Silver:  Gold
H.  Height:  5'1"
I.  Instruments You Play:  Does your voice count?
J.  Job Title:  Mom and Wife!
K.  Kids:  Five ~ Ellie, Ben, Lilly, Maddie, and Amelia
L.  Live:  Rural UT
M.  Mother's Name:  Joy
N.  Nicknames:  Rae Rae, Stubby
O.  Overnight Hospital Stays:  With each of my babies
P.  Pet Peeve:  People not using their turn signals when driving!
Q.  Quote From A Movie:  "I'm out of it for a little while, and everyone's having delusions of grandeur..."  ~ Han Solo, Return of the Jedi
R.  Right or Left Handed:  Right
S.  Siblings:  Matt, 'Manda, Sam, Abby
T.  Time You Wake Up:  About 6:00am.
U.  Ultimate Vacation:  Anywhere that I can relax and not be stressed out!!!
V.  Vegetable You Hate:'s slimy.
W.  What Makes You Run Late:  Kids...and being overscheduled!
X.  X-Rays You've Had:  Collar bone, when I was 9, I think.
Y.  Yummy Food You Make:  Chicken Tikka Masala...mmmmmm.....
Z.  Zoo Animal:  Red Panda



Kendra L. said...

A few random thoughts...1.I hate when people don't use their signals when driving too!! haha.
2.You remind me very much of my sister
3. Every time I drive through Fountain Green (to get to Ephraim) I think of you...haha is that creepy?

Egle said...

Thank you for sharing such information. It's wonderfull how amazing person you are. I've never realized, that you have five children (although it is written in your blog) and do a lot of wonderfull things besides that. I have two boys and sometimes get so tired and cannot write my blog. You are inspiration to me. Thank God for you.\\a

Real Life Reslers said...

5 little ones? You go girl!

Kelli @ The Turquoise Piano said...

Cute! I'd love the chicken tikka masala recipe! Have you posted it?

Kipluck said...

What a fun survey. Maybe someday I'll dive into that one too. Just finished a monster of a quiz on my blog the other night!

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