Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Things to Make: Pinterest Inspiration - Refrigerator Dill Pickles

We've been having a lot of fun harvesting our garden this year.  We've had a lovely little crop of cucumbers...but not enough to justify actually canning them.

So I went to Pinterest and found a recipe for refrigerator pickles in my Things to Eat pinboard!

This week's


Refrigerator Dill Pickles!

Here's my inspiration:

Refrigerator Pickles from Food.com

And here's what we made!
Instead of only using quart jars we've saved a couple of actual pickle jars and reused those to keep our homemade pickles in!  Here are the pickles before we added the brine....

And here they are after!

I added a little mustard seed to the recipe...and in one of the jars I also added some red pepper flakes for my hubby.

These are very flavorful and soooooo easy!!  The finished pickles have been crunchy...and super yummy!!!  This recipe is definitely a 'keeper!'  The recipe made almost a full quart of extra brine...so I stuck in the fridge, and we'll use it as we need to to make more yummy pickles!!  We may even try 'pickling' some other veggies, too!


TuckersAlley Blog - Kelly Quinn said...

Love pickles! ;-) That looks good and its so nice to be able to keep them longer.

The house That Can said...

Oh how I love pickles. Thanks for sharing. Going to have to try that!

Kathryn Michelle Jenkins said...

that looks cool! very interesting and I want to try it now for sure. I'm a new follower and excited to look around and see some other posts. take care!


hazardous material spill kit said...

Same thing I am doing with mangoes, bananas, apple and grapes, potatoes and as per sessions. I'm a new follower and excited to look around and see some other posts.

Kristen (by the book paper) said...

Those look yummy! Thanks for linking up with me today! :)

Gretchen {LolliandMe} said...

Looks great! I've never tried pickles but this might just push me into it :)

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