Friday, July 29, 2011

Feature Friday: Pinterest. 'Nuff Said.


I know you've heard of it.


I'm totally in love.

Gone are the days of endless, unorganized, overfull bookmark and favorites files.  
Gone are the days of not knowing where that idea came from, searching through huge lists, and no more unmarked links.

It's a new day.  

The day of Pinterest.  

And I'm a convert.


I thought I'd share with you a few of my from each of my boards.

Color Palette Generator

Giant Crocheted Rag Rug

Cool Backyard Lighting Idea

Simple Felt Flowers

Gooey Cheese Dip

Crochet Bunting

Funny Quote

Awesome Earrings

I know, right?

If you're already on Pinterest and you'd like to follow my can find me, by clicking HERE or by clicking the link under my follow me tab!

If you'd like to join Pinterest, comment here with your email address and I can send you and invitation. 

 Because I'm cool that way.



Walking by Faith said...

Awesome finds! I am a huge fan of Pinterest and could browse things for hours. I'll have to find and friend you! :)

PS--I'm finishing making the crochet bunting you like for my baby girl's first birthday. I'll post pictures on my blog of the finished product! ;)

SarahB said...

I am totally to addicted to it too, isn't it fab?!!

So much better than having to trawl through lists of bookmarks trying to find the right one!!

I've followed you....

S x

Simply Made By Erin said...

Loving all of it, I'm following your boards now!!

Beth said...

Yes please! I need an invite...I wanna be cool like that. Can I be cool like that?

swandiva at hotmail dot calm

amanda j said...

Ah, pinterest. How much could I accomplish in my day if not for thee...? And, in case you were wondering, that color palette generator BLOWS. MY. MIND.

Hillery said...

I would love and invite. Thanks so much.

Eileen said...

I checked it out and WOW! Please send me an invite. Thanks so much!

Amy said...

I LOVE Pinterest!!! Completely addicted to it. And I'm now following you! You're post makes me smile, because I'm doing a similar one today! :)

Sabrina @ ...And Faux Pearls said...

I love ALL of these! I want an invite, please!

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