Friday, April 29, 2011

Feature Friday: A Square A Day in May

Good morning everyone!!

This week I'm featuring a fun crochet event that I'm participating in this next month!  It's called a Crochet A-Long!  Basically everyone who is joining will be working on the same project for the entire month, and sharing their progress everyday!!


The event's theme is "A Square A Day in May!"  It's being hosted by Melissa from Hooked on Handmade!  If you haven't visited her blog...go check it out!  She does so many fun things!!  

Here are some of the squares we'll be making during the event:

Kata by Penny Davidson

Starfire by Melinda Miller
Flowery Square by Adaiha Covington

Aren't they gorgeous?!?!

We'll be making 30 12" granny squares and putting them all together!  I'm so excited!  (In fact...I've already jumped ahead and started my squares...seeing as May is gonna be a BUSY month for me!)  I'll posting pictures of my squares each day, in addition to my regular posts!

Even if you are new to crochet, this is a great opportunity to learn some new stitches and techniques, and to connect with other fabulous crocheters from all over!!

Go check it out!!


P.S.  Don't forget to go CHECK OUT MY SALE!!!  It ends at Midnight don't miss out!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Treasury: Honeysuckle Love!

I decided that I needed to curate my own little treasury today, after seeing this fantastic inspiration item for the Non Team Treasury Challenge!

The Coneflowers by JessicaTorres

So here's what I made today!  If you'd like to see any of these items up close, just click the pic!!

Happy Thursday!


Treasury: April Treasury Round Up!

Hello Spring! Crocheted Garland

It's the last week of April!  I can't believe it!

In honor, I'm doing another end-of-the-month Treasury round-up of just a few of the fantastic treasuries I was featured in this month:

Sweet Treats for Spring by FoodPlainStudio

Rainy Days and Mondays by FrillsandBils

Lemonade by TheButterflyFlew

Water for Elephants by Arteriole

Easter Morning! by MadisTreasures

Be sure to take a peek at these amazing curator's shops, too! 

(And don't forget to check out my SALE if you haven't already!!)


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wave Afghan and Tiny Whale Rattle

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday today!

I thought I'd share some pics of a couple of the projects I've been working on this past little bit! 

First off -  my cousin, Amy (she and one of my sisters share a really fun Etsy Shop, called Frills and Bils, where they sell hand made gift bows, and origami creations!!  Really cool!  Go check it out!), is having her first baby in June!!!  It's a boy!

We threw her a little baby shower a couple of weeks ago, with a nautical theme!  She's always loved everhthing oceanic...and she got so many cute little, sea creature outfits, bath things and toys!  So cute!

Anyway, this is what I made her for her new little bundle! An Ocean Wave afghan and a little amigurumi whale rattle!  I LOVE the way they turned out!

The blanket was made using some fantastic yarn I had picked up on clearance (it didn't even have a label on it to say what the yarn was called!!)'s so super soft and cuddly...combined with some lovely brushed white yarn!

The little whale was made holding two strands of Simply Soft yarn together, following THIS basic pattern, by Planet June!  He has a couple of little bells sewn inside, so that he rattles when he is shaken!

I LOVE the way these came together!

In other news:

DON'T FORGET:  My 50% OFF SALE will be ending on FRIDAY, APRIL 29th - so don't miss out on some great deals on some of my creations!  

(I'll be taking everything that doesn't sell to a craft fair I'm doing on this may be the LAST CHANCE to snatch some of these items up!)


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Things to Make: Re-Purposed T-Shirt - Yarn!

For today's tutorial we're doing a slightly different take on the usual T-Shirt makeover!  We're gonna turn that shirt into yarn!!!  Yup.

I've seen several different tutorials on this, and found this one to be the most helpful!

Here's my quick how-to:

Materials Needed:
An old -shirt
Sharp scissors

First, lay your shirt out on a flat surface.

Next, cut the bottom hem (if there is one) and the top of the shirt off just beneath the armpits.  It become a big tube.  

Turn the shirt so that on of the folded edges is on top, with the cut edges on each side. 

 Fold the bottom folded edge up...leaving about a 1 inch 'hem' at the top.

Do that again.

Next, cutting from the bottom, cut 1 inch strips upward to the 'hem'...make sure you don't cut through it!!  

When you're done with that unfold the should look something like this:

Next, comes the trickiest part.  Slip your arm through the top 'hem' of the shirt.  

Carefully cut across the shirt from the bottom slit to the SECOND slit on the top, at a diagonal.  (Sorry...this part was really hard to take a picture of!)

Continue across the length of the shirt.  At the end, cut across to the open end of the shirt...Repeat on the first side.  (If you don't cut the end you end up with a big circle!)

Now, you have a big long strip of t-shirt.  Obviously, if you use a shirt without side-seams you're going to end up with a much smoother looking strip...but I actually kinda like the raw seams, etc.

After you've made your strip, stretch the shirt will kinda roll and pull into a narrower string.  Voilá!

T-Shirt Yarn!!!

Now go make something fun and cool, like this funky loopy scarf.  Here's how:

Take a gigantic crochet hook (like a Speed Hook...this thing is seriously, like, as big around as my thumb...maybe bigger) and crochet a long chain with your new yarn.  

Slip stitch into the first ch on hook.  Finish off.  (You can cut off the ends or leave them hanging down for a funky look.)  

Wear your new creation by twisting it around your neck.  

Add a cute T-Shirt Flower clip or pin to add a little extra flair!  (I made this flower following the basic plan of these flowers, and added a button to the center and some felt leaves as an accent...then I hot-glued it to a hair clip.  Simple!)

Hope you all have fun with this fun new way to use an old shirt!!

Happy Creating!


Monday, April 25, 2011

Make Something Monday: Link Party #8!


Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!  


Onto this week's Features!  I'm getting into Mother's Day mode...trying to figure out what to give all the wonderful women in my life!  Here are few of the links from last week that I loved (and that I thought would make some great Mom's Day gifts, too!!):

This cute embellished Love Tee from Maybe Matilda:

This fun little Cupcake Pincushion from NatSprat would be great for those who sew:

How about a sweet handmade corsage or Fabric Flower Pin from Boogaboo Handmade?

So many fun ideas!!  If you've been featured, go grab a little button from my buttons page!!

Now let's get onto this week's party!!

 The Rules:

1.  Become a follower of my blog!
2.  Grab a MSM button and add it to you blog somewhere! (Sidebar, post, page...etc.)  You can find it on my buttons page!
3.  Please only post to a specific blog shops or main pages, please!
4.  Limit your links to three per week!
5.  Make sure you spread the love by visiting some of the other links shared!!

Please know that I retain the right to remove any links which I feel violate the rules!



P.S.  Don't forget to check out my SALE this week!!  I'm clearancing out a ton of my stuff!!!  Go check it out!!

NOW, let's see what you've done this week!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!!

He Lives!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Crochet Kit GIVEAWAY - WINNER!!!

WOW!!  You guys amaze me!!

I was having this giveaway to celebrate nearly 300 followers on my blog...and now there are 340!!!


I had so much fun reading through all of the comments!!  I loved that some of you already crochet and shared how you got started...and that some of you don't know how yet, but are so eager to learn!!  It was fun to hear your stories!  (I'm so sorry that I didn't have time to respond to everyone!!)

I sooooo wish I had 53 of these kits to send to EVERYONE!!


Now onto the fun stuff!


And the winner (chosen randomly using IS...


PunkyNoodles (aka Stephanie) said...
i'm a follower!
i am still learning to crochet... and i love it because it doesn't require me to make a huge mess, with a million different things out all over the kitchen table for me to complete a project. i can sit and relax and feel like i'm getting something done :)


I soooooo agree with you!  It's great to be able to work on something that you can sit on the couch with...(Believe me...I've been doing A LOT of that since the beginning of my pregnancy!!)...

I'll be contacting you through e-mail to get all your info so I can send these goodies out!!
I hope you enjoy your new hooks, patterns, and instructions!

Thanks again to all my followers, old and new!  I can't wait to continue to share things with you here!  I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!  

Happy Easter!!


Give, Oh GIVEAWAY!!! - Update!!

Just a little reminder to those who haven't entered my GIVEAWAY yet!!  The winner will be picked (via at 12:00pm MST!!! 

Don't miss your chance to win!!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Treasury: The Bunny Hop!

Sarahndipities' Fluffy Crocheted Bunny Hat

This week' Treasury pays homage to that cute and cuddle little bunny that brings Easter goodies to all the children!

To see any of the adorable items up close, just click on the pic!!

Happy hopping!!


P.S.  Don't forget to check out my GIVEAWAY... The winner will be chosen tomorrow!!  And click the picture header to see all the stuff I have on SALE in my shop right now!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Cleaning and a SALE!!!

So, the snow has finally all melted (whew!) and it looks like Spring is finally here!!!  We even have some pretty little hyacinths and other bulbs poking out!!  Hooray!

{Disclaimer:  Long-winded explanations follow.  Hang in there!}

I don't know about all of you, but I've been having the "Spring Cleaning" bug for a couple of months now...I've de-cluttered closets, cupboards, and drawers, and now I'm moving onto to the 'deep cleaning.'  It's probably the combination of 'nesting' and Spring fever has put my efforts into over-drive!!


There is one room that has been seriously neglected over the past six months.  The Crap Craft Room.  I'm so lucky to have a separate place to make and store craft stuff.  But it as has couple of flaws.
We live in a cute little Victorian farmhouse in the country.  One of the coolest features (literally) is this little outbuilding, know as the Summer Kitchen.  back in the old days this little building had an oven in it, and was used to cook and can and probably wash in so that the main house didn't get too hot during the summer months. It's made of brick and adobe so it stays cool all summer long without any a/c or other cooling system.


However, nowadays the summer kitchen is just used as our office/craft room.  It's way cool.  In the summer.  But in the late Fall and through the winter the Summer Kitchen has one fatal flaw:  It's freezing.  There's no insulation inside.  The only difference between the inside of the Summer kitchen and the outside of it during the winter is that it's dry.  Seriously.

Needless to say, not much actual crafting took place in there this winter.  I would go out, grab what I needed and then rush back into the house with my teeth chattering.  Same goes for putting things 'away'.  Everything ended up in piles on the table, or floor, or tossed in the corner.

So...I'm embarrassed to say that THIS:

is what the craft room looks like right now.  Oy.

Please don't judge me too harshly.  (I'm open to any and all tips and suggestions if your have any!!)  This is the big project I'm working on right now.  I HAVE to get it in order before Baby #5 gets here or it's likely to stay this way for a long, long time!  I've already started to sort through things and unbury the table, shelves, and floor.
So...where do you come in???


I've decided to have a huge SPRING CLEANING SALE IN MY SHOP!!!  All SALE items will be 50% off their original prices!!!  This sale will run from NOW until APRIL 29th!!!

I'm going to be clearing out  A LOT of old inventory, to make room for new things...and to help me 'de-junk' my Craft Room!  Here a few of the items up for grabs:

Baby Flapper Hat
Girls' Cashmere Shrug
Slouchy Grey Beanie
Moss Green Cowl

Click HERE to see all the goodies!!!  I'll also be having craft supplies and cards on sale in my Stampsndipities Shop!  Don't miss out on some great deals!!   Spread the word!!!

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