Wednesday, May 11, 2011


You probably noticed that I didn't have a tutorial up this week!  Sorry!

I've been working out the details on a new little something!  It's right over there...on the sidebar...

See it???

I've decided to start offering advertising here on my blog!  I'm really excited about the opportunity to help other crafters and bloggers out, and can't wait to get started!

I'm offering very competitive rates, and I'll be limiting my advertisers to only six per month...I feel like this will help you get more exposure, as there won't be tons of other ads for people to look through!

I'm also keeping my ad space toward the top of the page (just below my followers), so that viewers will see you right away!!

For all of the details and information click the button below or go to the "Advertise" link above!




Amy @ said...


Gena said...

I am so glad I just happen to run across your page. LOVE the info-blog. Very helpful to me since I am sort of blogging foggy. :)

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