Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Cleaning and a SALE!!!

So, the snow has finally all melted (whew!) and it looks like Spring is finally here!!!  We even have some pretty little hyacinths and other bulbs poking out!!  Hooray!

{Disclaimer:  Long-winded explanations follow.  Hang in there!}

I don't know about all of you, but I've been having the "Spring Cleaning" bug for a couple of months now...I've de-cluttered closets, cupboards, and drawers, and now I'm moving onto to the 'deep cleaning.'  It's probably the combination of 'nesting' and Spring fever has put my efforts into over-drive!!


There is one room that has been seriously neglected over the past six months.  The Crap Craft Room.  I'm so lucky to have a separate place to make and store craft stuff.  But it as has couple of flaws.
We live in a cute little Victorian farmhouse in the country.  One of the coolest features (literally) is this little outbuilding, know as the Summer Kitchen.  back in the old days this little building had an oven in it, and was used to cook and can and probably wash in so that the main house didn't get too hot during the summer months. It's made of brick and adobe so it stays cool all summer long without any a/c or other cooling system.


However, nowadays the summer kitchen is just used as our office/craft room.  It's way cool.  In the summer.  But in the late Fall and through the winter the Summer Kitchen has one fatal flaw:  It's freezing.  There's no insulation inside.  The only difference between the inside of the Summer kitchen and the outside of it during the winter is that it's dry.  Seriously.

Needless to say, not much actual crafting took place in there this winter.  I would go out, grab what I needed and then rush back into the house with my teeth chattering.  Same goes for putting things 'away'.  Everything ended up in piles on the table, or floor, or tossed in the corner.

So...I'm embarrassed to say that THIS:

is what the craft room looks like right now.  Oy.

Please don't judge me too harshly.  (I'm open to any and all tips and suggestions if your have any!!)  This is the big project I'm working on right now.  I HAVE to get it in order before Baby #5 gets here or it's likely to stay this way for a long, long time!  I've already started to sort through things and unbury the table, shelves, and floor.
So...where do you come in???


I've decided to have a huge SPRING CLEANING SALE IN MY SHOP!!!  All SALE items will be 50% off their original prices!!!  This sale will run from NOW until APRIL 29th!!!

I'm going to be clearing out  A LOT of old inventory, to make room for new things...and to help me 'de-junk' my Craft Room!  Here a few of the items up for grabs:

Baby Flapper Hat
Girls' Cashmere Shrug
Slouchy Grey Beanie
Moss Green Cowl

Click HERE to see all the goodies!!!  I'll also be having craft supplies and cards on sale in my Stampsndipities Shop!  Don't miss out on some great deals!!   Spread the word!!!



MommyMeagan said...

OOO- I know that feeling! Getting organized is so tough sometimes. Can't wait to check out your sale!

Rachael @ The Little Birdie said...

Haha! I can completely relate... Off to check out your sale! ;)

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