Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Super Saturday

In our church we have an annual Craft Day, which is lovingly referred to as "Super Saturday!" It's a chance to make crafts and gifts for yourself or loved ones, to eat yummy food, and have fun with a bunch of other women! It's always been one of my favorite activities!

This year I'm on the activity committee, that gets to choose what crafts we're doing! Here is a list of the projects we'll be offering this year:

A House of Prayer Hanging Wall Plaque ~ $13.00

Faith is the Key Tile ~ $7.00

Double Sided Holiday Stacking Blocks ~ $4.00 (for a set of 2)
Here are a couple of the options:





St. Patrick's Day

Here is the list of other Holidays that are available:

A Set of Five HandStamped Cards ~ $5.00

I-Spy Bag ~ $5.00

Holiday Candy Holders ~ $2.00 (Mouse is only $1.50)

Recipe Card Holders ~ $1.25

"Be" Blocks ~ $

Temple Picture Blocks ~ $3.00

Re-Purposed T-Shirt Flowers ~ FREE (Bring your own T-shirt, buttons, and ribbon - clips and pins will be available for 10 cents each)

If you are interested in signing up to make one or more of these crafts, please contact me!


Gramma Joy and Grampa Todd said...

Wow! What an amazing offering! Hope you have a great time :o)

Mayraval said...

I just came across your blog for Super Saturday Ideas and wanted to ask how you made them or if you have tutorials/list of things needed etc.

I love the following:
House of Prayer plaque
Holiday blocks
BE Blocks.

I'm just thinking ahead for the fall and would love all these for myself too :)

Jaime said...

What did you mount the "House Of Prayer" vinyl to? It is hard to tell from the picture. Also, is the price listed for the vinyl only? Do you give a discount for a higher quantity ordered?

Nancy Jewkes said...

I would be interested in the House of Prayer ... is it available to purchase or the file to cut my own vinyl?

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